Testimonials for Diane Clare | Mind Business Consultancy

Customer Testimonials

Here are some of the many testimonials from previous clients.

'Thank you Diane, you bring a wealth of knowledge and the human touch to what you do - I want more!' 

'I cannot thank you enough for this inspirational and oh so practical training.'

'Excellent presenter, clear, confident, passionate, knowledgeable. Good handouts and additional reading....always appreciate that, understanding the research behind something.'

Quotes from Training Courses

I had a lot of past trauma that needed to be processed and I’d had therapy for years but it never seemed to really shift things.  Diane helped me with EMDR so that the horrible memories ceased to have the power to overwhelm me. It was like I could file them away, knowing they had happened but not taking over my life any more.  I totally recommend her.

Jen | Trauma Client

Diane you are a people whisperer - your work is so sensitive and so effective. Thank you for your help, it has been life-changing.

Isobel | Participant in Alternatives to Self Harm Group

Excellent supervision services that have enabled me to progress in my expertise and to provide good service to the clients. 

Joanna Camilleri | Clinical Psychologist

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The best way to make contact is by email as I am often working with clients or training.
My email is mindbusiness21@gmail.com

If you want to talk with me first, call or text me on +64 21 237 8660.
I aim to respond within 2-3 working days.